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Résumés, Résumés, -Oh, my soul for a perfect Résumé!

Unfortunately, there are no perfect resumes, just ones for each job position.

I offer:

  • Being Coached on writing a Great Resume or I can write it for you.
  • Prices depend on which you choose.
  • Call or email for a session on your needs.

Resumes have only one goal; that of getting the interview! How can you be sure that yours is picked out of the hundreds or even thousands of resumes an employer might receive? Below are some tips that can help even the odds!

  1. Pre-Resume strategy- Even before you start to write a resume develop an Asset Sheet. This is a list of all the things you have done over your working life under the following:
    - AWARDS

    A workshop on basic accounting for managers taken a few years ago may tip the scales for getting an interview!

  2. Know the various types of formats; Chronological is where the most recent jobs are presented first. A great style if you have a strong work history. The Functional is where your skills and achievements are emphasized. A Combination resume emphasizes your skills with little focus on your work history. Pick the best format for your situation.

  3. Pay attention to Design and Content. You want to be in control of where your reader's eyes go first. It takes about ten to twenty seconds to look-over a resume. You want the hiring manager to see your skills and abilities that match with the position.

  4. In a recent survey hiring managers were asked what they looked for in a resume. The four top areas are Relevant skills; that your skills match the position, Past experiences; what have you done in the past which prepares you for this job, Employment History; employers like to know who you've worked for in the past, and Measurable Accomplishments; use numbers or percentages to show how your successes can help the company. Answer the WHAT and HOW of your accomplishments.

  5. Errors, can destroy an excellent resume in seconds, especially spelling or grammatical ones. Never trust your spell checker! The word may be correct but wrongly used in a sentence.

  6. Watch flowery or general objective statements which go on and on! Be specific and short! Use a value offered statement under the objective. This statement tells the hiring manager what you bring to the job and shows why he should hire you!

  7. A resume should be about 1-2 pages. Don't try to fit everything on one page. If you need two pages, use the pages. But first make sure everything is specific and to the point.

  8. Remember to use key words for the industry in which your are seeking work. Most companies are scanning a large number of resumes looking for key words or phrases that fit the position.

  9. Used underlining, CAPITALIZING, bolding, and italics to grab attention. Have lines, boxes, and skill columns to add visual interest. Try narrowing margins to 1/2 inch.

Horror stories from HR

Actual mistakes from resumes-see if you can find the errors...

"Responsibilities: In charge of computer maintenance and repare."

"OBJECTIVE: Accounting cleric."

"Enclosed is a ruff draft of my resume."

"Worked in hospital as a candy strper."

"Responsible for all customer complaints."

"My weakness is that I may be too successful."

"If you're like me and ready to make the changes from a nowhere job to a career you love, give Michael a call.
It will be the best phone call you have ever made."

Joel M., Boise, Idaho

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