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How long should a resume be? I've heard one page or two pages, etc.

Generally, a resume should be one page. But that depends on the job and the qualifications that are required. In doing a resume with a cover letter you have to remember that it's for only getting the interview, not telling your life's story. Do you need one or two pages to market yourself? Is it going to be scannable? The answers to these questions will determine one or two pages.



Describe yourself with three adjectives?

Watch the adjectives you use, they may indicate a negative. For example, intelligent, efficient, reliable. But when grouped together lack some human qualities. Best to combine adjectives which suggest both ability and personality, such as goal-oriented, likable, successful. Be alert for follow-up questions or probing!


what is the number one question asked ?

That would be "Tell us about your self". An easy question at first! The employer is looking to see if you can handle questions, whether you will ramble on and on, or give a good compact answer in a short time. The best way is a short history of your self for about 2 minutes.
I would suggest talking about your work experiences which coincides with the position. I always tell my clients to tell some personal history but focus on getting across your qualifications for the job.



What career assessments are the best?

There are many career assessment which can give you an idea of the best career based on your personality and background. The ones I use are Myers-Briggs, Self-Directed search, and the Seven Stories. Plus, I use reflective exercises such as what did you like or dislike at your last job?
Also, you can just go to a large state (like California) and write down all the jobs you think you would really like to do -don't think about the requirements, cost of schooling-just if this is something you would like to do! then rank them! When down to 10 or so-investigate the careers-then rank them again-unitl you have found three career, then investigate!



How do I handle anxiety and depression when job hunting?

Since I am a licensed mental health counselor and a career coach, I work with clients who have depression or anxiety, they may even be going through grief from a job loss. If your not sleeping well, have a loss of appetite, and just can't seem to get out of bed you may have emotional problems along with just trying to job hunt. The first step is to make sure its not a physical problem by seeing a doctor for a check up. Second, if everything is fine, then you need to work on overcoming the emotional problems. A great book is called the "The Depression Cure" by Dr.Ilardi. I follow the six steps listed for my own well being. They are are Diet-taking fish oil from wild fish for the Omega-3's, Engaging activity-get away from ruminating all the time about your job loss or problems, physical exercise, Sunlight, social support and develop good sleeping habits. The problem is that the depression or anxiety can keep you from seeing all your options when job hunting. If you are still depressed or have emotional problems-see a mental health counselor.


What job hunting method give the best success?

One that has an 86% success rate according to Richard Bolles, the author of "What Color is Your Parachute". Do homework on yourself, taking inventory in detail of all you have to offer and what you are looking for. Then use the words What: as in transfer skills. The where:has to do with the job environment your looking for, and the How: traits on how you do your job, job titles: work that uses your transfer skills, Names of organizations to target, and the best approach to show the hiring manager what you can do in helping them meet their goals.
There is more detail in his book. The main point is to know yourself and what you can offer!


All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

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