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This six session program(1 1/2 hour sessions) takes you through finding an ideal career and getting employment in that career. Helps you in discovering your ideal career based on your personality and strengths using Myers-Briggs, self-directed search,and seven other assessments. Learn about job hunting (getting in front of the hiring manager) developing a cover letter/resume (which gets you an interview) and interview coaching using video or audio taping. You receive a 45 page booklet on 99 of the toughest interview questions and a CD of the booklet's questions to practice on. Plus, 90 day E-mail and phone support starting after the sixth session. Program can be custom designed. Call 208-323-2462 for an appointment.


CAREER ASSESSMENTS: Seven stories, Myers-Briggs Career Assessment, John Holland's Self-Directed Search, Skills Matrix, Occupational Interests Survey,Values Assessment, Like and Dislikes in past or present employment, Reality Exercise (narrowing careers) and Library Vacation Exercise.

JOB HUNTING STRATEGIES: Researching a Company (finding the hiring manager), Best Web sites, and pro-active techniques.

COVER LETTER/RESUME: Stating your best qualifications in the cover letter, and developing a resume that states your qualifications differently. Learning how to use industry "Buzz" words and where to place them. Understanding that the only purpose of a letter/resume is to get an interview!

INTERVIEW COACHING: Clients receive a 45-page booklet & CD to practice interview questions, developing a pre-interview strategy, practice interviews by video or audio taped by phone, and a detailed interview assessment and coaching on your interviewing skills.

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"I tried to use the two most important questions in the opening of the interview, but was so nervousness I forgot the first one. The interviewer just looked at me in stunned silence when I asked the other one. Then he just answered the question and I got the information I needed and we went on with the interview. I wished I had practiced more and listen to the CD more often, but I got hired!!! Thanks for the great materials."

Kathy, Boise, Idaho

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