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Ace that Interview! - eBook
99 Tough Practice Questions

Price: $8.00
Includes Download File

Ace The Interview

Be Prepared! Get Job Offers! This book is the best and fastest way to win a job in today's economic climate. Do you have the time to practice with important interviews until your good enough to win a job? You easily learn to answer any types of job interview questions.

After working with clients over the years, I've found that people have the most trouble with face to face interviewing! Because of that situation, I've written and produced "Ace That Interview".

As a former employer, educator, business owner and hiring manager I've answered all of the main interviewing questions. Plus, written HELPFUL ARTICLES for handling the most difficult situations. I've put it on CD so you can practice the questions while driving or doing other activities!


72. How would you describe your own personality?

73. If you could choose any organization, where would you go?

74. What do you know about the position for which you are applying?

75. What is the newest skill or thing you have learned?

76. How do you keep informed ?

It comes in- A 40 page booklet WITH A CD that's packed full of information on having a successful interview. Read and listen at the same time to helpful articles and pre-interview strategies.

Read and listen to 99 of the toughest JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS retaining double the information in a short time!

Also, when practicing the best answers out loud and being interactive with the CD (stopping and answering before going on) your retention increases to over 75% after a 24-hour period.

Discover the best way to answer "Tell Me About Yourself?"

Find out the two most important questions to ask at an interview?

Learn how to handle nervousness before and during the interview!

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"I tried to use the two most important questions in the opening of the interview, but was so nervousness I forgot the first one. The interviewer just looked at me in stunned silence when I asked the other one. Then he just answered the question and I got the information I needed and we went on with the interview. I wished I had practiced more and listen to the CD more often, but I got hired!!! Thanks for the great materials."

Kathy, Boise, Idaho

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